Patterns in Genesis;   Jacob and his Brood
A sermon Gene preached in June 2018 :

(the sound doesn't start 'til about :22 seconds into it)
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Matt n' Amber's Birthdays (July 30 and August 3)
are so close we usually celebrate them together
Video of Gene preaching at Bartlett Alliance
Aug 12 2018  

The Bride of Christ
Landon digs the sting rays  and sharks  at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
Gabby,  Ariel, and Jonan, the Florida
Smillies, love to have their Daddy
pick them up and THROW them
high in the air over the water.

They have all become "fish"
who are at home under water.
Meanwhile in Illinois, Matt Smillie (who also seems to put in over 60 hrs/week in his remodelling
and construction business) and his Amber and Landon,  also come over once in a while
to our apartment complex to enjoy the pool as well
Gene still gets to teach a couple of New Testament courses / year at Trinity

and a course or two / year of modern history or Asian Religions at University of Phoenix
. . . and gets to preach maybe once every couple months

(would like to  a lot more, both teaching and preaching, so we hope doors will open for both)
Trinity University REACH Program has also asked Gene each of the past six years to do
an assessment  of both their Christian Ministries, and their Liberal Arts, departments
reading and assessing dozens of students' final papers and making suggestions .
And, I continue as Director of Adult Education at Lombard Bible Church of the C&MA
We have four different 9 a.m. Sunday classes to offer our folks;
I teach one of them
myself, about half of each year.
We Smillies do love
Chinese food
and it seems like a go-to
for birthday celebrations
Cookie Monster
If you've known Susie over the years, you might be surprised to read that she has not been teaching
over the past year or so, just a bit of tutoring here and there, and some ESL on a private level with a
few Spanish speaking folks.           She cranks out a couple of books read a week, and is catching up
on all the old TV series we missed while we were overseas as missionaries!  Ha!

I (Gene) think she
deserves a break, after watching her bustin' her butt for so many years helping bring
in the bacon for our perpetually under-funded Smillie family enterprise.  But I bet she'll get restless
after awhile and want to "do something" again.     So I hope it is something that makes use of her two
Master's Degrees and her years of experience in church ministry and teaching.
Our son Dave in Florida
works about 80 hours/week
divided between full time work
for the city of Melbourne
& full time studies, towards a
career in nursing.

He's also a very caring &
devoted father, and husband.

Don't know how he does it.
I'd be exhausted.

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Recently Susan brought home a crate of strawberries
in which EVERY. Single. One.  of them was

Just sliced 'em, froze em -- blend with yogurt for smoothies, or put 'em on waffles . . .
Never seen anything like this    --       Not one of 300 or so berries
had to be selectively carved, thrown away, or saved to ripen later
We're MOVING.     Packing up and moving about 12 miles
to a condominium in WHEATON.
Appears to be a real God-send site . . . ground floor, facing
south, very near all the familiar stuff,
on the edge of a nice big park in town.
Right now we're up to our necks in packing.

I've concluded, after moving some dozens of time in life, that the last 10%
of the process  takes AS MUCH TIME AS  the first 90%.

All those diddly little scraps of daily existence that you put off deciding
what to do with . . .

. . .  and then, just as you're running out of time,

you've got to deal with ALL of 'em at once.
Some items on these shelves are over 4000 years old !
I'm not kidding.       Some of those ceramic shards and jug
handles have been dated to the time of Abraham.

The one with Hebrew characters etched into it
(at about 7 o'clock in this pic)  is from the time of Jeremiah
                                                      (about 600 B.C.).  

I suppose that's my rationale for "keeping 'em a li'l bit longer."
                                [Works for me ]
"It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive"  

Sermon Preached at    Lombard Bible Church      November 2018