Spring & Summer 2017
Malcolm took us out to eat at a great little Thai restaurant
in Wheaton   for Mother's Day
It was strange, after virtually no
regular work between
November and March,
to suddenly find myself
three jobs and two
church teaching ministries
all at the same time,
from April through June !

Scored elementary school kids'
written essays 8 hrs/day;

taught a university course
4 hrs/wk;

assessed Liberal Arts and  
Christian Ministries
departments at another nearby

put together & led a 12 wk  
study on the relationships
David (in the Bible) cultivated
Susie's been getting to know Landon,
Matt and Amber's firstborn,
this spring.    He's 20 months old
It was a great break to head off to the north woods of Wisconsin in search of walleyes
for 4 days  with some guys from the church
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Meanwhile, down in Florida, the Dave & Cassie Smillie branch of the family
spend a LOT of time in the water   . . . the lucky dogs!
Dave turned 30 in April, and is
workin' his hiney off trying to
support a family of five.  But he
makes the most of whatever
moments in between he can get free
to enjoy God's creation
Between Thanksgiving and February, Gene did pulpit supply at a church in Chicago   most of whom were Filipinos.
Interestingly, I have been asked recently to do pulpit supply at another church nearby ... which is also predominantly Filipino
Susie was happy to see a number of
Spanish-speaking people complete the
English as Second Language curriculum
she offered at Lombard Bible Church this
year. Many have become part of the church.
We had fun celebrating
Landon Gene Smillie's first
birthday in October.
Guess what color the icing
was on his cake?
To Be Continued  . . .  come back later
Salvadore Dali would perhaps suggest
But  sometimes I'd like to just  watch the starry sky
with a beloved Rose, like le petit Prince
Susie watched the fireworks with Matt n' Amber July 4th, and Landon tried his best to stay awake . . .
                                                                                                          . . . but hey, it got late.
Oh, hey:  if you want to see or download those (3 page each) studies on David's relationships,
go to my   
Recorded Lectures page   here on the site. They're all there.
Susan was sweet to me and brought me back a huge plate of
chicken shish kabob, yellow savory rice, corn on the cob,
grilled chicken . . . an' I din't even haf to put shoes on . . . .
Lately I find that the things that were penalties when I was a kid (1. go to bed early   2. not go out of the house   3. not go to parties)
                                                                                      have become privileges or goals nowadays !    Ha!
In July we went out to Omaha,
where Susie worked in a big church
for several years, and in which we
got married in 1983,    and had a
family reunion with some of Susan's
favorite cousins, and one of her
sisters, and her brother Ed.

The trip was really smooth in our
newly acquired 2006 Toyota (which
had spent its whole 'life' in Tampa,
FL and only has 32 thousand miles
on it !      It's like a two year old car.)
The waiter mashed up a
custom-made guacamole bowl
for Malcolm in a mortar &
pestle.       There was so much
he shared it with the rest of us.
We have a lot in common with
Susan's sister Lois & husband
Paul. They & we both lived in
New Mexico at the same time;  
both lived in and love Colorado
Rocky Mountains.   And both
husbands did Ph.D.s in New
Testament, and served as
pastors.      We always enjoy
being together.
"You don't expect me to
laugh at that, do you?

"Well, I was kinda hopin'
you would . . . but then  
you're a stuffy Lutheran
who probably doesn't
have a sense of humor
...so, have another Coors
and I'll try again"

"Instead, why don't YOU
fill your Alliance jaws with
some more guacamole..."
Landon,  Matt,  n'  Susie
Matt works such long hours that we often get
together pretty late . . .  poor Landon can
barely hold up    (Gene too . . . )