Truth is, these kids have eight times as much energy
as we do . . . they plain run us into the ground!
Coming back to DuPage County, it looks like Matt and Amber
have found ways to entertain themselves as well
Summer / Fall / Winter 2016

With help from a generous gift from some relatives, we were able to make a 3,500 mile trip
to visit other relatives, and friends, in the deep Southland.
We spent quality time with Joel & Nancy Martinez, colleagues from Spain,

with Tom & Donna Stebbins, whom Susie had worked  with in church ministry
and Tom's sister Anne Moore, whose husband Dave taught Susan in seminary
and was our boss when he was Vice-President of International Ministries of
the Alliance (and who died just a few weeks before our visit),

with Susan's sister Nancy & her husband John and son Randy,

with our former Pastor Clarence & Rachel Hager,

and with Gene's sister Marty & Richard, just returned from a mission in
Malawi, and who sold their house about an hour after we got there!

Most important, of course, was our time with son Dave's family:  Cassie,
Gabriella (whose 5th birthday we celebrated), Ariel (3,) and Jonan (20 months).

Cassie's folks, Jim & Becky Ingraham, were very gracious and fun hosts
for many of the activities of the week.
Dave's family seem VERY happy to be living a few minutes from the Atlantic
Ocean in central Florida for now, as they seek what God wants them to do
Our  1994 Honda Accord
had 200,000 miles
on it when we left Illinois.   
All those
smooth roads in
the South, unmarked by
the pocks and pot holes
that  are everywhere up
North,  allowed us to
cruise along regularly for
hours in the upper 80s
(and I'm not talkin' about
I think the car runs better
now than it ever has, as a
result of this trip.

It was the longest trip we've made in years.  But we're very glad we made it.
Proud Daddy Dave . . .

. . .  intrepid son.
Always glad to see when Matt can take a day off -   
he works 60+ hours a week most of the time
Malcolm, our first-born, hit
31 years of age this May!

He's been translating back & forth between medical personnel and Spanish-speaking patients much of the past year,
though now he is spending more work time, as before, at McDonalds in West Chicago near where he lives.  
Malcolm reads a lot  (hey, he's MY son!):     Dostoevsky. mostly, these days, and a lot of "foreign languages."  When
Hebrew gets tiring, he studies Chinese;  when that loses its interest, there's always the old standbys: German, French,
Spanish . . . .
Susie attempted, for the third time, to get an English as Second Language
program/ministry going at our local Alliance Church this year, and hooray!
this time it caught on!

That is, both students and volunteers came out regularly every Thursday night, and a dozen students
(mostly Mexican and Central American in origin) completed course work and received certificates.  
Praise the Lord!
A man born blind :  WHY?
John 9

Gene preaching May, 2016
One who understands us perfectly
Hebrews 4:14 - 5:9

preaching August 2015
Set your sight on things above

preaching October 2015

But, every once in a while they still let this old white guy preach (me).

This also reflects a major shift in the congregation at our Lombard Bible Church.
After years of pretty much lily-white constituency, we now have an African senior pastor,
a ministry intern named Chavez, and the youth pastor, until recently, was of Filipino DNA.
Predictably, the folks who come to visit LBC are increasingly diverse as well.
Heaven: What It ISN'T

preaching September 2015
Nice to get pics of the
"superheroes of Florida"
after we're back here . . .

...this electronic age is sure
wonderful for keeping up
with folks we can't actually
be with very often . . .

l. to r.: Jonan, Ariel, Gabriella
New friends in our neighborhood, and at church
The Kingdom:
like a tree growing, or yeast in a loaf

preaching September 2015
All this fun reminds us of the times when our own kids were little and we'd go play
. . . here, twenty years ago, Gene and the boys ride the big roller coaster
at Six Flags near our home in Deerfield
Though all four of us seemed to enjoy it, note the look of terror
on the guy sitting in front of us!      One of our favorite pictures
Well, at least there's one grandkid nearby
here in DuPage County,
Matt and Amber's Landon
Florida Smillies  ^
Illinois Smillies
Even the Dogs: a Needy Foreign Woman
Matthew 15

Preaching August 2016
We get together pretty much
every personal holiday - like this
time, where the boys took Susie
and Gene to play miniature golf
Up close and personal
with a friendly porpoise
Here are a few recent examples,  if you want to listen :
I direct the Adult Education program at LBC,   and at 9 a.m. on Sundays alternate between
teaching a class in Spanish for a few weeks,   and teaching a class in English for a couple months
Matthew's Christmas Story: 4 ways
God shows us what He is doing

Preaching December 2016