The Men of the Smillie clan
Malcolm, Matt & Landon, Dave & Jonan, Gino
Now Matt and Dave each have a son of their own
Matt and Amber
Sisters-in-law  Cassie and Amber compare notes
While Grandma Susie holds Gabby and Ariel's attention
Due to the generosity of our Small Group, & particularly of one family who
let Dave's family use their huge (temporarily empty) home as a "base"
while they visited us from Oklahoma, we were all able to spend a lot of
quality time for a week, and nobody was "cramped."
Dave & Cassie's family
got to meet our church
family on Christmas Eve,
including the feast put on
Libertad Divina, our
Spanish congregation,
after the Christmas Eve
service at Lombard Bible
Those are the best tamales
I have
ever eaten.  I had
four of 'em, and each one
had a different filling!
Gabby, Ariel, and Jonan enjoyed an indoor
playground . . . and the extra attention
afforded them by Unca' Malcolm
Actually, don't know who enjoyed it more,

Ariel,  Jonan . . . or Uncle Malcolm . . . .
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One more tamale

We don't get that many
chances to play gran'parents